Departmental Bulletin Paper 矩形型貯水槽の耐震性能向上を目的とした手法に関する実験的研究
クケイガタ チョスイソウ ノ タイシン セイノウ コウジョウ オ モクテキ トシタ シュホウ ニカンスル ジッケンテキ ケンキュウ
An experimental study on the technique aimed at upgrading seismic performance of rectangular tank

黒田, 亮  ,  青木, 大祐  ,  鈴木, 森晶

"It has been reported that many cases of damages at the rectangular water tanks in the water supply facilities, under Tohoku earthquake. These kinds of damages are reported to be caused by sloshing which is risen by long period earthquake. To prevent these damages of the rectangular water tank, an experiment at study of the damping filter which can decrease the sloshing wave, have been installed inside the real scale water tank have performed. But some water tanks could not install the filter in proper position. In this study, the relationship between the filter position and effect of the damping of sloshing wave have examined. And the most effective filter position has investigated in a small rectangular water tank model then comfirm the effect of damping of sloshing wave in the real scale water tank."

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