Departmental Bulletin Paper 異なる特性を持つ制振デバイスを有する橋脚の耐震性能に関する研究
コトナル トクセイ オ モツ セイシン デバイス オ ユウスル キョウキャク ノ タイシン セイノウ ニカンスル ケンキュウ
A Study On Seismic Performance Of Bridge Piers With Different Characteristics Damping Devices

日比野, 広之  ,  鈴木, 森晶

"Since HYOGOKEN-NANBU Earthquake in 1995, many important inflastructure have been damaged. For the important inflastructure, it is necessary to ensure sudfica seismc performance after the earthquake. Install the damping device to the structure, the damping device to absorb energy during an earthquake, there is a method to protect a structure. Currently civil engineering, rubber, type that absorb energy by damping rubber, and the like steel yielding to absorb energy by breakdown of the steel. However, such cracks is occurring from a portion of the seismic isolation rubber being used as the damping device many bridges. There are studies that artificially damage the seismic isolation rubber material, experiments using seismic isolation rubber, etc. cracks is not performed much. In ths study, the performance experiment of seismic isolation rubber cracking is found. Thereafter, analysis of the case where seismic isolation rubber is damaged, if the performance is lowered, and to examine whether possible to reduce the effect on the pier by incorporating a separate damping device. "

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