Departmental Bulletin Paper 日中両言語における〈時間〉の認識 : 《時間は物理的なもの》を例に
ニッチュウ リョウゲンゴ ニオケル ジカン ノ ニンシキ : ジカン ハ ブツリテキナ モノ オ レイニ
Epistemology of Time in Japanese and Chinese:A Case Study of TIME IS PHYSICAL OBJECT

韓, 涛  ,  路, 浩宇

"Human beings acquire all kinds of concepts through interaction between the outer world and human itself, and TIME is such a concept. In our daily life, how is the abstract concept of TIME understood and used? For this concept, do different language systems share something in common? This essay aims to examine the metaphor of TIME via the perspective of PHYSICAL OBJECT, trying to clarify the differences and similarities for the concept of time between Chinese and Japanese."

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