Departmental Bulletin Paper ロボットビジョンにおける曲面形状上からの情報取得に関する研究
ロボット ビジョン ニオケル キョクメン ケイジョウジョウ カラ ノ ジョウホウ シュトク ニカンスル ケンキュウ
A study on information acquisition from curved surface shape in robot vision

原, 和道  ,  矢野, 良和  ,  江口, 一彦

"When acquiring the information on the curve surface by a camera, curved surface distortion occurs on the captured image. According to this distortion, the accuracy of image matching and the OCR ratio get down. So we propose the method to reproduce planar surface image. First, obtained image is divided into local small regions which are assumed as planar ones, and is analyzed in order to obtain the 3D surface shape information. Then, local regions are transformed according to a perspective projection with estimated 3D surface shape. Each local regions are combined into one planar image."

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