Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国哲学における道徳観と宇宙観の交差
チュウゴク テツガク ニオケル ドウトクカン ト ウチュウカン ノ コウサ
The Intersection between Moral Values and Cosmovision in Chinese Philosophy

周, 琛

"Chinese traditional philosophy is mostly based on the concept of ethics proposed by Confucianism. However, careful researches in this field also reveal that it is closely related to Tian, the unique cosmovision of Chinese people. This relationship is named as intersection in this paper. The history has proved that cosmovision in Chinese philosophy is only an abstract concept without empirical evidence, which led to the integration of the scientific world view in China’s modernization. This can be seen as a great transformation of the intersection between traditional moral values and cosmovision. How to develop the scientific world view better? How to communicate with the Western philosophy? Questions like these remain to be an important issue in designing a modern and new philosophical structure in Chinese philosophy."

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