Departmental Bulletin Paper スポーツ選手インタビューの談話分析:本物と作り物の談話を比較する
スポーツ センシュ インタビュー ノ ダンワ ブンセキ : ホンモノ ト ツクリモノ ノ ダンワ オ ヒカク スル
Discourse analysis of authentic and unauthentic athlete interviews

加藤, 治子

"When teachers choose materials for their lessons, authenticity is one of the most important features of the chosen text. It is presumed that most of the texts in coursebooks are developed for the sake of the language lessons. They are not authentic texts, in that they have not been produced in real life situations. It is, therefore, debatable whether artificially developed texts are useful for the purpose. In order to explore this problem, I will compare an authentic text with an unauthentic one, produced for language lessons with reference to discourse analysis. Both texts have been taken from interviews with athletes. This study finds that the unauthentic text is very different from the authentic text in discourse features, such as turn taking, discourse markers, grammatical ""mistakes"" and lexical choices. Nevertheless, it is suggested that both authentic and unauthentic texts should be utilised to develop language awareness in the classroom."

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