Departmental Bulletin Paper Precursor Identification and Physical Mechanism of Fiber-Form Nanostructure Growth on Metal Surfaces with Helium Plasma Irradiation
ヘリウム プラズマ ショウシャ オ ウケタ キンゾク ヒョウメン ニ セイチョウ スル センイジョウ ナノ コウゾウ ケイセイ ノ センクタイ ノ ドウテイ ト ブツリ セイチョウ カテイ

髙村, 秀一  ,  上杉, 喜彦

The initial stage of fiber-form nanostructure growth on metal surfaces with helium plasma irradiation is investigated with FE-SEM images by a technique that allows time evolution of nanostructure growth converted to spatial variation. It is concluded that loop-like nano-scale structure are thought to be precursors of fiber-form tendrils. Loop fractures and branching out are considered as possible candidates of the nano-fiber growth. Each schematic sketch for the above initial stages is given. Growth mechanism of fibers is discussed in terms of shear modulus of materials.

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