Departmental Bulletin Paper ジェームズ・キャメロンが描く男性の視点 : Terminator (1984)とAliens(1986)を中心にして
ジュームズ キャメロン ガ エガク ダンセイ ノ シテン Terminator 1984 トAliens 1986 オ チュウシン ニシテ
Reconsideration of Men’s Point of View Depicted by James Cameron: Centering on Terminator(1984) and Aliens(1986)

岩塚, さおり

"The Terminator (1984)and Aliens (1986) directed by James Cameron were grand in conception and fascinated audiences. Both movies depicted capable career minded women, possessing a loving maternal side. Thus, these movies gave the audience interpretations of competent women juggling career and family in the 1980s. In contrast, previous heroines were characterized as much more feminine than necessary and they were not treated as equals to men in the workplace. Such contradictions in depicting each heroine makes women viewers feel insecure about their place in society. This paper examines why such contradictions appear in Cameron’s movies. Cameron may have tried to appeal to women viewers, showing his feminists views. He, however, unconsciously revealed his desire to keep women from participating in social and political activities. He portrays his heroines as the sexual objects of men’s desires. In order to discuss Cameron’s contradiction, this paper examines Sigmund Freud’s theory of repression and symptom formation. It then discusses if Cameron may have repressed his desire to see women as sexual objects by applying Freud’s theory."

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