Departmental Bulletin Paper 端子間電圧変化を用いた自己結合型センサの精度向上に関する研究
タンシカン デンアツ ヘンカ オ モチイタ ジコ ケツゴウガタ センサ ノ セイド コウジョウ ニカンスル ケンキュウ
Study on accuracy improvement of self-coupling sensor using terminal voltage change

吉松, 剛  ,  五島, 敬史郎  ,  津田, 紀生  ,  山田, 諄

"Using semiconductor laser, a development of compact sensor which can be measured distance, shape, displacement and speed has been done. Self-coupling sensor is a compact and inexpensive sensor using interference between output light and the scattered light from the target A. measurement method which can detect self-coupling effect from change in terminal voltage of semiconductor laser without photodiode is proposed. The sensor can be more compact by detecting self-coupling effect with this method. The optimum condition of self-coupling sensor using terminal voltage change is studied."

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