Departmental Bulletin Paper 年中行事からみる中国江南の米食文化とその機能 : 清代から民国時代までの地方誌を中心に
ネンジュウ ギョウジ カラ ミル チュウゴク コウナン ノ ベイショク ブンカ ト ソノ キノウ : シンダイ カラ ミンコク ジダイ マデ ノ チホウシ オ チュウシン ニ
"Rice-eating Culture and Its Functions through Annual Events in Jiangnan Area, China"

甘, 靖超

"Jiangnan District, China is one of the main regions of rice cropping and rice- eating. There are, however, very few detailed reports written about the rice-eating culture in Jiangnan. More specifically, 1)What type of rice-eating do people live on and in which area is it distributed? 2) How and when is rice cultivated? 3) For what purpose?, and so forth. Therefore this paper, as research materials, refers to the local chronicles in each area of Jiangnan from Qing dynasty to coronial era and attempt is made to clarify the historical aspects of rice-eating folkways through annual events in Jiangnan and to make clear its functions of the meals served as such events."

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