Departmental Bulletin Paper 熊本高専八代キャンパスにおける電子記録媒体の廃棄手続き策定と実践
Formulation and Practice of Disposal Procedure for Electronic Recording Media in NIT, Kumamoto College, Yatsushiro Campus

小島, 俊輔  ,  岩本, 舞  ,  藤本, 洋一

9 ( 1 )  , pp.61 - 66 , 2018-01 , 独立行政法人国立高等専門学校機構 熊本高等専門学校
Information leakage causes serious damage such as loss of trust and payment reparation for the organization. Therefore, on disposing personal computers and/or electronic recording media, a method that does not cause information leakage from discarded electronic recording media is required in any organization. First, we looked back on transition of media disposal methods at National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College, Yatsushiro Campus. Second, we enumerated the problems in disposal of electronic media and electronic devices in recent years. Based on that, we formulated a new disposal procedure for electronic recording media and electronic devices in March 2015. We introduced initiatives and some practical examples according to this disposal procedure in our campus. This disposal procedure includes not only personal computers and HDD but also tablet terminals and solid state disks (SSD). So, we are informing the disposal method to our faculty and staff upon request. However, electronic devices are evolving day by day. It means that it is necessary to review our methods repeatedly upon our PDCA cycle.

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