Departmental Bulletin Paper 歩行者流動シミュレーションによる避難方法の評価に関する研究
Study on Evaluation of Evacuation Method with the Use of Pedestrian Flow Simulation

小嶋, 晃平  ,  勝野, 幸司

8 ( 1 )  , pp.42 - 47 , 2017-02 , 独立行政法人国立高等専門学校機構 熊本高等専門学校
For evacuation drills, multiple events should also be considered as well as an evacuation route out of the school building, because many complex evacuation situations can possibly happen.This study aims to examine the consequences for remediation of school evacuation drill by predicting some different situations of evacuation, which have become more complicated than situations commonly used in evacuation drill. In this study, multi-agent pedestrian simulation application –SimTread- is applied to predict multiple different evacuation conditions.As a result of the study, the conclusions are as follows: 1) Under all evacuation situations, overcrowding tends to arise since many evacuees cross at connections between corridors and staircases, at downstairs narrower than adjacent corridors, and around the exit from the building.2) Arrival time at the evacuation destination from each classroom increases due to complexity of evacuation situations. This tendency becomes clearer on the upper floors.3) Even with students in the same class, their arrival time at the evacuation destination greatly differs depending on the classroom location. Particularly on the upper floors, the positional relationship between a classroom and downstairs affects significantly on the evacuation time.

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