Departmental Bulletin Paper 教職課程履修生における特別活動への意識変容とその考察
Alterations in consciousness of special activities held by students in the teacher-training course, and consideration of these alterations

松田, 剛史

While comparing the significance and purpose of special activities conducted inelementary and secondary education to student experiences, I have analyzed thelearning processes through which students come to independently realize the curricularvalue of school education. I have focused my research on lectures regardingspecial activities that were delivered for the teacher-training course at differentfaculties of a non-teachers’college. I have created a comparative review of notonly the activities proposed in these lectures but also students’learning attitudes.More specifically,I have examined the altering consciousness of students by qualitativelyand quantitatively analyzing notes I wrote down on reflection sheets at eachlecture, the perspectives I uncovered through group work and reports submitted bystudents. Through this thesis, I have attempted to clarify what type of valuestudents in the teacher-training course have come to realize in regard to specialactivities and how they managed to realize this value.

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