Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼小連携を視野に入れた国語教育について : 絵本を題材として
Kindergarten and Elementary School Partnerships for Japanese Language Education : Based on Picture Books

小川, 恭子  ,  駒形, 武志

Elementary schools develop the Start Program to enable first graders tosmoothly adapt to elementary school life. The program covers points childrenshould take into consideration in terms of their daily lives along with learningaspects. However, this program was initially developed without paying adequateattention to what children had already learned and experienced at kindergartens ornursery schools, thereby making it difficult for children to follow and occasionallyleading to decreased motivation for learning.This thesis highlights the purpose and usage of picture books and how they varybetween kindergartens, nursery schools and elementary schools (especially forstudents in lower grades), as well as points teachers should consider when introducingpicture books. It also suggests that by effectively using picture books with afull understanding of their characteristics and how they should be introduced,on-siteteachers can have a further positive effect on children’s growth, and that picturebooks are extremely instrumental as a material for the Start Program.

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