Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育の質を規定する職場環境と環境改善のための研修のあり方 : 環境改善の試行と研修による主任保育士の意識の変化から
A look at how working environments determine nursing quality and proposals for effective training methods capable of contributing to the improvement of working environments : Changing the awareness of a chief nurse through training and tentative environmental improvement plans

吾田, 富士子

One of the factors for determining nursing quality is the existence of anenvironment in which childcare is provided. A place where nursing occurs servesnot only as an environment for nursing children but also as a working environmentfor nurses, both of which determine nursing quality. Admittedly, working conditionsfor nurses in Japan have witnessed gradual improvement,but a major challengethat must be solved remains.What is most important when it comes to improving nursing environments is theawareness of the person serving in the managerial post (that is,the manager),as wellas that of the person serving in the middle managerial post who affects the manager(that is, the chief nurse). By paying attention to chief nurses, this paper elucidatesfactors that can help them creatively surmount challenges as an independent professionalin collaboration with a manager and nurses at a place where childcare isprovided, and also proposes effective means of training that contribute to theenhancement of nursing quality.While focusing on environmental improvement attempted by a resolute managerand on subsequent changes in nurses’duties, this thesis begins by examining theeffect this has had on the improvement of nursing quality. It then identifies factorsthat help motivate a chief nurse to promote environmental improvement by payingattention to the changing awareness of a chief nurse during training. These factorsare as follows:

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