Departmental Bulletin Paper 北海道の大学における「学生食堂」の現状と課題
Current Status and Issues of Student Cafeterias in Hokkaido

村田, まり子  ,  山部, 秀子

Many research papers indicate that college students,who extend more relationshipswith others and lead more independent life styles,tend to eat unbalanced mealsand lead unhealthy lives. On the other hand,more enhanced benefit programs areneeded so that they can better spend their college life. Especially, “the studentcafeteria,”which is directly connected to dietary habits, has a huge influence oncollege students. This paper researches “student cafeteria”operations at universitiesin Hokkaido and college students who use cafeterias at the universities.Findings show that 95 percent of the cafeterias which responded to the researchquestionnaires are outsourced by universities and operate independently. Findingsalso show that there are very few qualified workers such as Registered Dieticians oreven Dieticians stationed at the cafeterias. In addition, very few universities havea grasp on or assess the physical and nutritional status of their college students,which is the standard in providing meals,while many of the cafeterias are operatedcombining the set meal system with the cafeteria system. This paper also pointsout several problems needed to be solved regarding keeping college students healthy,enhancing their dietary habits, improving their satisfaction levels and etc., whichshould be what student cafeterias are supposed to develop

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