Departmental Bulletin Paper 管理栄養士養成施設における「総合演習Ⅰ」に関する事例研究

南屋, 智砂  ,  遠藤, 恵  ,  齋藤, 恵  ,  髙田, 紗恵子  ,  菊地, 和美  ,  岸, 知子  ,  隈元, 晴子  ,  田中, 洋子  ,  三田村, 理恵子  ,  村田, まり子

The aim of this study was to assess how “Seminar of Human Nutrition I”courses were developed in registered dietitian training facilities across Japan withthe goal of making future use of them in advance preparation for clinical practice.The investigation method was based on an examination of the “Seminar ofHuman Nutrition I”syllabus as disclosed on the homepage of 137 schools on the listof registered dietitian training facilities across Japan in 2015.The analysis revealed the following results.The syllabus was provided on the homepages of 116(84.7%)of the 137 registereddietitian training schools in Japan. “Seminar of Human Nutrition I,”consisting ofstudents undertaking onsite training prior to clinical practice, was reported in 55schools (47.4%),and 44 schools (80.0%)based student evaluation largely on participationin practical training and written reports rather than paper examinations.The above findings revealed that “Seminar of Human Nutrition I”was used asubject for advance preparation for clinical practice in registered dietitian trainingfacilities. In future, we would like to make use of the “Seminar of HumanNutrition I”course development methods from each registered dietitian trainingfacility for the curriculum offered in this school.

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