Departmental Bulletin Paper 宮澤賢治の童話"かしはばやしの夜"の画描きの正体 : 栄養療法の知的枠組についての研究(14)
The Identity of the Painter in Miyazawa Kenji's Tale "Night in the Oak Woods" : A study on the paradigms of nutrition therapy(14)

藤井, 義博

This study was an effort to understand the reality of the 3????????night of the summerdance festival and the identity of the painter,its organizer,through the examinationof the goal he sets and the methods he uses in the tale “Night in the Oak Woods”.His goal is to reconcile in the 3????????night of the summer dance festival where his isinvited by the king of the oak trees,between the king of the oak trees and a peasantSeisaku,both of whom having gotten involved in quarrel about the chopping down ofoak trees by the later. He uses humour to achieve this goal. The painter seems tobelieve songs of oak trees on their feelings about Seisaku, sung one after the otherfrom their own child-like hearts, should so touch Seisaku’s own child-like heart thathe should sing in turn from his own child-like heart to share his feelings with thoseof the oak trees, thus bringing about a reconciliation between them. The 3????????nightof the summer dance festival that he attempts to make is an open, constructivelyself-organizing festive space, where a change of the feelings of the painter correspondswith that of lights of the full moon, and a detested person such as Seisaku istolerated and accepted. This festive space seems to be the archetype of a joyousspace of the Rasuchijin-Kyoukai (Rustic Man of Earth Association),which MiyazawaKenji established to organize local cultural activities with peasants. The painter,personified resonance of the oak woods,has got much of a sense of humour. He islikely to be the future image of Miyazawa Kenji himself who might have decided atthe time when he wrote the tale to work with peasants in the near future, andmoreover, seems to be the prototype of the benevolent man described in hiswell-known “Amenimomakezu”,his prayers to himself,who,living in a tiny hut witha thatched roof in the shadows of the pine woods in the country, is called anineffective puppet by everyone,and whom he himself,being nearly bed-ridden for hislast few years, hoped from his heart to become

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