Departmental Bulletin Paper カリキュラム外活動を積極的に導入した教職課程実践に関する一考察
A Consideration on an Active Approach to Introducing Extracurricular Activities in the Teacher-training Program

大矢, 一人

This article is a practical report of extracurricular activities which are introducedto solve the problem caused by the revised curriculum for the teacher-training program.Firstly in this article I show the current situation of the program at our university,including the number of the students in the program, the numbers of the students whotake the teaching training at public and private secondary schools respectively, and thenumber of the students who take part in the hands-on activities at schools for the specialneeds education. The enrollment in the teacher-training program declines as the students’gradesadvanced,which is typically found in many universities. The final numberof the students who take teaching practice in the fourth grade is approximately 50 to 70,and about 20 percent of them engage in teaching after graduation. Secondly,the articlesummarizes the implementation status of extracurricular activities, including the activitiesorganized by Hokkaido Prefectural Board of Education and Sapporo City Board ofEducation, volunteer work at Kohoku Elementary School, teacher-training course, lecturesby extramural lecturers, and classroom observations. 88 out of 90 third-andfourth-year students take part in the extracurricular activities at least once while inschool. The students who participate in the volunteer activities evaluate the activitieshighly, saying that the activities give them a valuable experience before they practiceteach.Lastly,the report presents future challenges such as systematization of extracurricularactivities, instruction to the students who have not participated in the activities,and lack of ethical values in participating students, along with the coping plan to them.

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