Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育内容「表現」における音楽教育のかかわり : 音楽から派生する保育活動の可能性
Concerning of Music Education to Foster Expression in Early Childhood Education : Possibility of Early Childhood Care Activity that Derives from Music

田中, 宏明  ,  Hiroaki, TANAKA  ,  藤女子大学人間生活学部保育学科非常勤講師  ,  Department of Early Childhood Care a Education, Faculty of Human Life Sciences, Fuji Women's University

53pp.89 - 94 , 2016-03-31
The common denominator of the music to foster expression in early childhood education and each field of modeling, the contents of a kindergarten education point, and, it was considered about the following point. One of 5 regions of the kindergarten education point, the (1) sound in"expression", the (2) color, the (3) feel and (4) move, I aimed at a word of 2, the color and a movement and found the common denominator in music in the class of the expression in early childhood education and each field of modeling from the inside. How these common denominators can be utilized for guidance using the children's song which are main teaching materials of the musical field searches a developed possibility of the musical field as the expression in early childhood education. Even if music and modeling are integrated as the same territory of"expression", the curriculum top is still separate handling. But those didn't become estranged at an actual nurture site. Therefore it's possible to expand a possibility of the early childhood education detail in territory"expression"by recognizing a component to which 2 are common specifically.

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