Departmental Bulletin Paper 宮澤賢治の"注文の多い料理店"と"山男の四月"の相補性 : 栄養療法の知的枠組についての研究13
Complementarity of Miyazawa Kenji's "The Restaurant of Many Orders" and "April for the Man of the Hills" : A Study on the Paradigms of Nutrition Therapy 13

藤井, 義博  ,  Yoshihiro, FUJII  ,  藤女子大学人間生活学部食物栄養学科、人間生活学研究科食物栄養学専攻  ,  Depart of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Faculty of Human Life Sciences, and Division of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Gradua te School of Human Life Sciences, Fuji Women's University

53pp.35 - 46 , 2016-03-31
This study was an attempt to understand the meaning that Miyazawa Kenji prayed his readers of"The Restaurant of Many Orders", his first and last collection of tales, that some pieces of these little stories may finally become their genuine transparent nourishment. "The Restaurant of Many Orders", by far the most peculiar tale of the collection,is complementary with"April for the Man of the Hills". The complementarity of these two tales will yield new insights to their readers when they read one tale by contrasting it with the other. The Man of the Hills,the protagonist, has a talent for serendipity, an opportunistic viewpoint for life, an identity transcending corporeity of man, an altruistic viewpoint for favorite food that results from his ability for thinking in the place of what is eaten by man. In other words, he has"a seed of the little heart", a secret resolution to make self-sacrifice for altruistic deed. The two young gentlemen, the protagonists of"the Restaurant of Many Orders", has nothing of"a seed of the little heart". In the restaurant of many orders, the two young gentlemen were so filled with the horror of death just as they realized that they had been unconsciously preparing themselves to be devoured that their faces went all crumpled like wastepaper irreversibly. The two hungry young gentlemen inflicted the horror of death on themselves because of their one-sided interpretation of many orders for want of"a seed of the little heart" in them. If the horror of death is a self-inflicted feeling in close association with one-sided interpretation of verbal expression, "a seed of the little heart"will function as preventive measures against it, and therefore prevent the self-inflicted horror of death as is the case with the man of the hills.

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