Departmental Bulletin Paper 干潟における小学校の環境教育と支援の実態 : 全国6地域の事例調査から
Actual State of Elementary School Environmental Education in Tidal Flats and Support for it

田中, 宏実  ,  Hiromi, TANAKA  ,  藤女子大学人間生活学部人間生活学科  ,  Department of Human Life Studies, Faculty Human Life Sciences Fuji Women's University

53pp.1 - 8 , 2016-03-31
Nowadays,great importance is attached worldwide to the conservation of biodiversity, and wetlands and tidal flats in particular are regarded as significant wildlife habitats. As large areas of tidal flats have been reclaimed in Japan, the remaining tidal flats represent valuable habitats. The environmental conservation and utilization of tidal flats in the future is a great challenge. Against this background, this paper discusses environmental education using tidal flats. Based on an interview survey about elementary school environmental education in tidal flats that was conducted in six regions around Japan,learning activities and support systems for environmental education have been examined. The study results have revealed the current environmental education at each grade level, preferred environmental learning programs, actual support provided by environmental conservation groups, teaching materials commonly used, and a problem with access from activity centers to tidal flats.

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