Departmental Bulletin Paper 音楽教育における幼稚園から小学校への移行期の指導について
Instruction in Musical Education during the Transitory Stage from Kindergarten to Elementary School

田中, 宏明  ,  Hiroaki, TANAKA  ,  藤女子大学人間生活学部保育学科非常勤講師  ,  Department of Erarly Childhood Care and Dducation, Faculty of Human Life Sciences, Fuji Women's University

52pp.133 - 138 , 2015-03-31
Kindergarten curricula are designed to encourage children to naturally learn music through everyday activities centered on playing as prescribed for the field of expression in Japan's Educational Guidelines for Kindergartens. In the revised 2008 Educational Guidelines for Elementary Schools, the phase "basic ability in musical activity"was added. The term "expression,"which appears at the beginning of the objectives in the Educational Guidelines for Elementary Schools, is not an ability considered to be picked up from everyday life or comprehensively as it is in kindergarten. Kindergarten students learn music by mimicking during play. When they start at elementary school, they engage in advanced musical learning with more specific objectives designed to develop their ability to play musical instruments based on listening and imitating. Students then learn how to read music. First-grade music textbooks are unique introductory study materials that support learning in the basics of music reading.

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