Departmental Bulletin Paper ニュージーランドのプレイセンターを訪れて
Visiting Playcenters in New Zealand

鈴木, 真知子  ,  Machiko, SUZUKI  ,  藤女子大学人間生活学部保育学科  ,  Department of Erarly Childhood Care and Education, Faculty of Human Life Sciences, Fuji Women's University

52pp.121 - 131 , 2015-03-31
A playcenter is a child-rearing support system for children between birth and preschool age and their parents. The parents of children who attend are voluntarily involved in playcenter operation to provide places where children can interact through play. This child-rearing support system originated in New Zealand, and playcenters are now established throughout Japan. In Hokkaido,the city of Eniwa operates playcenters incorporating the support system. The author became interested in this system after visiting the Eniwa Playcenter in 2012, and in April 2014 also had the chance to visit playcenters in New Zealand. The history and current status of playcenters in New Zealand are reported here.

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