Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育士の事務時間確保の必要性と保育の質 : 保育士の業務に関する実態調査から
A Study of the Improvement and Nursery Teacher of Business Inspection : Securing of Office Time of Nursery and the Quality of Childcare

吾田, 富士子  ,  Fujiko, AZUTA  ,  藤女子大学人間生活学部保育学科  ,  Faculty of Human Life Sciences Department of Early Childhood Care and Education

52pp.47 - 55 , 2015-03-31
The present study reports on a field survey conducted on the actual working conditions of childcare workers and their attitude toward overtime work. In the survey, about 90% of the respondents were found to be unable to complete all of their duties during their regular working hours, attesting to their constant need to work overtime to fulfill their responsibilities. Additionally, approximately 40% of those workers reported that they were forced to work after hours without any pay. With the burden of overwork falling most heavily on chief caregivers,some 60% of them were also found to work overtime in more than a half of their workweek, while about 50% had an average overtime of more than an hour and a half per day. The study concludes by suggesting that since such chief caregivers tend to maintain a more positive attitude toward managerial-level efforts to improve working conditions than mid-level nonmanagerial staff,they are expected to play a leading role in future initiatives to redress the current situation at nurseries in Japan. It also points out that measures to ensure sufficient time allocations for administrative work during regular hours hold a crucial key toward reducing the burden of childcare staff, improving their quality of care, and ultimately solving the nationwide shortage of childcare workers.

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