Departmental Bulletin Paper トレス海峡島嶼地域における学校制度改革 : 先住民自らが進める改革の意義と課題
The Reform of the School System in the Torres Strait : An Initiative for Improving Students'Educational Cutcomes in a Remote Indigenous Community

伊井, 義人  ,  青木 麻衣子  ,  Yoshihito, II  ,  AOKI Maiko  ,  藤女子大学人間生活学部人間生活学科  ,  北海道大学国際本部留学生センター  ,  Department of Human Life Studies, Faculty of Human Life Sciences Fuji Women's University  ,  International Student Center , Hokkaido University

52pp.1 - 12 , 2015-03-31
The aim of this paper is to clarify the challenges which indigenous remote communities have faced through the analysis of a set of initiatives to establish the new school system in the Torres Strait, Queensland, Australia. The reasons why to focus on this educational reform are these; 1) increasing interests of educational outcomes internationally and domestically in Australia and many discussions for educational reforms in many fields such as school curricular and teacher standards, so then a big impact on schools as well, and 2) the change of the government reaction for indigenous education, especially radical reduction of the grants after the political power shift from the Labor to the Liberal in 2013, which influenced so much on indigenous schools and communities. The Tagai state college was established with the aim of improving the students' educational outcomes, and has a united college system with 16 existing primary schools in each island and a secondary school in Thursday Island. It is resulted as the consultation between the Queensland state government and the Torres Strait indigenous communities,which is known as the `Bound for Success' policy. Because of the administrative system which has one executive principal in the college, the leadership was provided and then teachers' qualities and curriculum were controlled at the central office. Since 2013, Tagai state college became one of the Independent Public Schools in Queensland, and the principal is authorized much more regarding to human resources and school finances. However,the reduction of federal funding on indigenous education had a huge impact on Torres Strait,and some initiatives have to be stopped or cancelled. It is quite difficult to take a sustainable approach to improve students' educational outcomes especially in remote indigenous communities which have depended on government support.

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