Departmental Bulletin Paper システム論応用その3 : 「システム観変遷」ノート
システムロン オウヨウ ソノ3 : システムカン ヘンセン ノート

稲見, 崇司  ,  Takashi, Inami  ,  佐野短期大学総合キャリア教育学科

(26)  , pp.49 - 57 , 2015-03-31
These research notes are a continuation of research concerning System Theory that I have publishedpreviously in the Bulletin of Sano College. These notes are not a description of specific educational contentand practice, as previously reported, but rather a consideration, from a somewhat vague point of view, ofwhat I have been trying to ascertain. Though there is a theoretical aspect to these notes, no clear conclusionshave yet been drawn, and so I present them here as notes of research in progress.

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