Journal Article 幼児の「歌をつくる」活動を支える環境-昭和40 年度の日本女子大学附属豊明幼稚園の実践-

長尾, 智恵

4pp.145 - 152 , 2016-12-01 , 日本人間教育学会
Abstract:This study addressed the environment for the promotion of the activity of making songs in HomeiKindergarten, Japan Women’s University. Reports about the musical activity at Homei Kindergarten received a“Kurahashi Award” in 1967. In 2013, Kumiko Koma talked about these reports and stated that the creative musicactivities practiced at Homei Kindergarten have rarely been seen elsewhere. This study analyzed the reports aboutthe 3-year-old children’s musical activity developed by a teacher in the kindergarten from the perspective of theenvironment of the kindergarten. Surprisingly, the 3-year-old children created their own songs and music. The key tothe activity’s success was the environment created by the teacher who noted the children’s spontaneous songs, showedthem to other children, and then shared it with the whole class. This paper revealed the process of creating the rightenvironment when making songs and proved that the children’s songs were made from their spontaneous songs byanalyzing the notes of their songs.

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