Journal Article 大衆娯楽と近代社会における人間教育への一考察―救世軍幻燈上映の日英比較をめぐって―

山本, 美紀

4pp.125 - 134 , 2016-12-01 , 日本人間教育学会
Abstract:The prior study revealed that the Okayama orphanage Magic Lantern Brass Band, the Salvation Army MagicLantern Brass Band and “Salvation Army Hymns had a mutually deep relationship with each other. In addition, by analyzingthe repertoire of initial Salvation Army Hymnal, the author confirmed the following features of the Tune that hadbeen adopted as the Japanese Tune.1)Works adopted were popular and entertaining songs for the general public.2)Works adopted had already been accepted by the masses as musical band repertoire.So, this paper will examine the magic lantern slides the Salvation Army used (has used?) for social education, focusingon the optical lantern slides collection of the World Salvation Army history museum (WBC), based on the field work atthe WBC in 2015. The results will provide a perspective on historical transition of the method for social inclusion usingpopular entertainment, along with nurturing social morality and considering educational point of view.

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