Journal Article 生活実践力の育成による人間教育― 家庭科授業モデルの構築―

西江, なお子

4pp.107 - 114 , 2016-12-01 , 日本人間教育学会
Abstract:The fact that classroom instruction has not been utilized in real life may be considered as one of theproblems of home economics education. It can be inferred that a problem in the teaching method constitutes a factorof this. In the present study, we defined "practical skills for life" as the ability to continuously utilize the contents of thehome economics course in elementary school in life and the attitude and skills to improve one's life. Based on the resultsof analyses of previous studies, it was revealed the following: a lack of experiential activities in the home as the placeof children's living, nominal interaction activities to deepen learning, and lack of assessment activities. Therefore, withthe hypothesis that it is possible to develop practical skills for real life, we constructed an instruction model by sharingexperiences, interactions, and evaluations. It is important to have students become aware of subconsciously presentknowledge and skills, which leads to problem solving, and connect the knowledge with practical skills for life by allowingstudents to realize what they did not know through study.

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