Journal Article 学び合い活動における分数のわり算の指導 ― 繁分数を活用した事例を通して―

松岡, 克典

Abstract:Instead of having the students only memorize and use the usual method of dividing fractions by reversingthe fraction (turning the fractions upside down), the teacher should take advantage of what the students have alreadylearned. The teacher should encourage the students to use what they have learned to think of different ideas andmethods while they discover and gain an understanding about how to divide fractions. Allowing students to learnfrom each other will not only help raise the students' awareness but also their way of thinking about how to do thecalculations to divide fractions. This method of using what they have already learned as well as learning from otherstudents' ideas and methods will also give the students a sense of fulfillment through their active participation

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