Journal Article 人間教育に資する「幼小接続期カリキュラム」のあり方(2)― カリキュラム・マネジメントから考察する「とまどいマトリクス」の活用 ―

善野, 八千子

Abstract: In this study, with reference to the improvement of connecting-period curriculum that contributes to HumanGrowth, we examined whether the starting curriculum which took advantage of “Confusion Matrix” was enhanced bythe curriculum management. According to the surveys at three elementary schools from 2014 to 2016, the followingpoints are clarified.(1) The utilization of“ Confusion Matrix” can be a tool for building a consensus toward the improvement of starting curriculum.(2) The “Confusion Matrix” can be utilized in curriculum management providing various data in association with the surveys relatedto children’s appearances and community situation.Two issues remain in the future. One is the issue of training of facilitators who can surely play their roles in their schools anddisseminate the “Confusion Matrix” there. The other is the issue of promoting the improvement of management power of facultymembers as well as managerial posts by systemizing human education and curriculum management.

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