Journal Article 私は何者なのか 現代社会における自己提示の病理と,「志」ないし「宣言」としてのアイデンティティの可能性

梶田, 叡一

Abstract:Typical relationships between social-identity and self-identity in modern society are examined. Case 1 isconcerning the heroine in a recent popular novel and her identity is ruled totally by the“presented self” based uponthe“social expectation”. Case 2 is concerning boys and girls who can not go to school and stay in their home. And theiridentities are characterized as the renunciation of the“presented self” freeing from the“social expectation”. Case 3 isnamed as“identity based on life-aim” or“identity as self-declaration”. The episodes of Jesus from the New Testamentare presented as the typical example of this type of identity. And it is thought as the most independent kind of identitybut at the same time it may lead the person to the dangerous road.

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