Journal Article 博物館における古文書・古記録の展示と教育

長村, 祥知

3pp.15 - 24 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
This article explains the characteristics of recent displays of historical documents and records as well as theimplementation of a workshop for elementary school students on them.  The exhibitions of historical documents and records at museums are required to be places for acquiring fundamental knowledge,like being able to read and understand similar materials encountered in diff erent places. For this reason, the large-scale exhibitions heldat various locations in 2013 and which comprehensively treated historical documents drew attention.  With the new national education policy in mind, I would like to introduce two practices that are intended to familiarize elementaryschool students with historical documents and records.  Taking Fujiwara no Michinaga’s MIDOKANPAKUKI as a model, the children write a diary using GUTYUREKI (a kind of calendarused in pre modern era).  They write using a brush and the method of letter writing, of holding two sheets of paper in their hands (not placing them on adesk), used in the medieval period.  All of the anticipated aims were accomplished by vicariously experiencing past practices.

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