Journal Article カナダ・ネイバーフッドハウス研究Ⅰ―利用者とボランティアスタッフの双方向的関係性に着目して―

岡野, 聡子

3pp.181 - 197 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
This article aims to consider how happens the interchangeability of users and volunteers in theNeighbourhood House of Canada. Neighborhood House is originated of the settlement movement. They are a volunteerdriven,community-service agency, their mission is to make neighbourhood a better place to live, focuses on to enablepeople to enhance their lives and strengthen their community. There are 14 Neighborhood Houses in Vancouver(2015.7)and it is practiced for satisfying the community needs. A semi-structured interview was conducted and obtained data was analyzed by qualitative. As a result, a case ofshifted from user to volunteer stuff is ① When they started Volunteer, they didn’t have a clear motive for volunteer, ②As a help of part of daily life, and a case of shifted from volunteer stuff to user is ① Satisfying self-needs, ② liberationfrom role.

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