Journal Article “自分と競争すること” に関する探索的研究 

山口, 大輔

3pp.167 - 173 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
It has been reported that a competition affects any performances (e.g., test performance). However, ineducational situations, competing against the others has been regarded as harmful to build good friendships and aused of the competition tends to be avoided. Whereas, intrapersonal competition doesn’t have opportunities to contactwith the others, so it couldn’t disturb building of friendships. Little is known about the intrapersonal competition.Thus, the purpose of present study was to explore the effect of the intrapersonal competition approach in competition(e.g., ranking)on task performances. Eighteen university students completed the arithmetic task twice. We dividedthem into two group by different instructions; intrapersonal competition group or interpersonal competition. Duringthe experiment, the task performance, emotions (before first task and after the instruction)and Multi-dimensionalcompetitiveness (before first task)were measured. Consequently, there were not significant differences in taskperformance and emotion. Meanwhile, in relations between task performance and Multi-dimensional competitiveness,the difference was found between intrapersonal group and interpersonal group. The result showed that intrapersonalgroup has little relations between competitiveness and task performance. The implication of intrapersonal competitionapproach for educational situation is discussed.

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