Journal Article 新しいマーチング指導法―マーチングにおける既成概念の排除― 

大西, 雅博

3pp.145 - 154 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
In 1970 it held the Japan World Exposition the machine, although it is at once evolved Japan marching, mostof which have started from the United States of impersonation.And technology that has rapidly developed in the favor, and accepted without match the stature of the Japanese,there is a status quo that has been practiced even now as a basis basic. Representation of the music that marching istransmitted to Japan, but are trying to elapse about half a century began working in earnest, its style in Japan has notbeen established. Enters from the "shape" 50 years ago, although it is marching who started from American , there wasa notion that the Japanese are familiar it is less special to. Leaders of schools even less opportunity in contact with themarching, was not less also be swayed by the wrong knowledge and information.In this way, in Japan with little opportunity to eye the marching, along with the leaders get the right knowledge, it isimportant to study the meaningful teaching methods to children, young people.In this paper, it is not caught in the traditional "form", to pursue a more efficient and practical teaching method, youwant to and that can be utilized in the field.

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