Journal Article 「人間教育」の根源である「いのちの教育」に関する一考察―中学校における実践から―

瀧明, 知惠子

3pp.133 - 143 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
A review on the education of life aiming to raise hopes to live on. From a practical lesson at middle school.This research has attempted to examine how teachers can practice and confirm five educational aspects derived froman analysis of the results of the emotion-related questionnaire survey” held in 2013 to check the awareness of life.Before and after the practical lesson at middle school concerning life, researchers carried out the questionnaire survey.In a comparative analysis thereafter, they reviewed the cross tabulation on the question:“ Have you ever felt from thebottom of your heart that life is essential to everyone?” As a result, this research could confirm the emotional behaviorof many students and get hold of positive effects, based on the cross tabulation, and comments and opinions of teachersand students involved. The research presents a curriculum of “education on life” at middle school, prepared from theresults of the survey.

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