Journal Article 内面に働きかける小学校家庭科教育―意味ある体験的活動を通して―

西江, なお子

3pp.123 - 131 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
The correlation between meaningful experience activities and improvement in the motivation for learning inhome economics education of elementary school was clarified. The examples in the fields of“ residence” and“ consumereducation” were examined by the method where the alteration of consciousness among children before and after theclasses was compared. The experience of illuminating a floor with a higher light source and checking the stains onthe floor broke their fixed idea of “cleanliness”. Having an experience as the sellers who advertise the dessert afterschool lunch made them re-examine their own values in choosing goods as consumers. These experience activitiesbroke the idea they had been taking for granted and aroused a problem consciousness in their minds. Also, they weremade to actively participate in the problem-solving learning associated with linguistic activities and actual feelings. Theeducational effects of experience activities that alter the inner sides of children were discussed.

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