Journal Article 児童の発達段階を考慮した安全教育プログラムの開発に関する研究―「児童の安全意識尺度(SASC)」の開発に関する基礎的研究―

松井, 典夫

3pp.97 - 106 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
So far safety education is represented in a, was it the mainstream leadership, such as someone with“IKANOOSUSI” term and it has not been a valid safety education to nurture risk aversion force of children. In addition,there is no research on the validity of safety education content and developmental stage of the children, it has not beenthe development of an effective safety education program. In this research, by advancing the basic research on thedevelopment of safety awareness scale of children(SASC), taking into account the developmental stage of the child, itis intended to develop an effective and versatile safety training program. In research cooperation schools in OkayamaPrefecture, in advance of the class and the SASC of safety education, and subjected to post-survey. For each, it wasinvestigated in 2, 4, 6 grade classroom. As a result, the question item 9, “If there is a person that is in painful Holdthe stomach in the street, put a voice” answer results for were not vary greatly with each grade. When considered inconjunction with state and child developmental stage at the time of teaching, the safety educational content in this study,be carried out for the second grade was found to be most suitable.

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