Journal Article 高大接続改革をめぐる動き(Ⅰ)

西辻, 正副

3pp.83 - 96 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
With respect to the state at the stage as of September 2015, of the “the connection reform between uppersecondary schools and universities“ which the people concerned have the intention to realize at all costs, by reformingthe “upper secondary education”, the “university education” and the “selection of university students” connecting theboth, in the form integrating the three, in order to acquire the capability to survive in the era to come, I described fromthe following three points. 1. The outline with respect to the history of the connection reform between upper secondary schools and universitiesup until this examination 2. The recent movement of examinations with respect to the connection reform between upper secondary schools anduniversities 3. The “interim report” of the Council for System Reform of Connection between Upper Secondary Schools andUniversitiesFurthermore, with respect to 3. the “interim report”, I explained from the four points, which are the direction of thereform of the upper secondary education, the direction of the reform of the university education, the direction of theacademic achievement assessment test for the applicants for universities (tentative name) and the direction of theintroduction of CBT-IRT, and finally described with respect to the future prospects of the connection reform betweenupper secondary schools and universities.

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