Journal Article コンディヤックの教育思想―『パルマ公国王子のための教程』の分析から見る人間観

中田, 浩司

3pp.61 - 71 , 2015-12-01 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
Étienne Bonnot de Condillac, French philosopher of the eighteenth century and founder of sensualism,was appointed preceptor of the Infante Don Fernando Parma in 1758. He was in charge of his education until 1767.After this important mission, Condillac, in 1775 published study courses for the instruction of the Prince of Parma, atremendous work in 16 printed volumes. He presented his educational thought and the content of his teaching. In thisarticle, we would like to highlight the axis of the educational thought of Condillac, specifically analyzing the methodthat this philosopher has proposed. First, we will present the situation and the physiognomy of Parma at that time as apreparatory study, mentioning the appointment’s history and the pedagogical activity of Condillac. We will then makea brief introduction of the Study Course for the prince of Parma statement related to the Mirrors of princes, traditionalliterary genre in Europe. Secondly, we propose to analyze the pedagogical situation that Condillac criticized in theeighteenth century. According to him, the education process at that time was only meant to provide basic knowledge orgeneral principles, requesting the memory only. Finally, we will try to identify the main idea of Condillac’s education, aneducation that aims to engage children in the observation and reflection. Is the sensualist really attaching importance

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