Journal Article 生きる力の育成と主体的な問題解決活動―イメージ・発想と問題意識の深まり―

金山, 憲正

3pp.27 - 37 , 2015-12-25 , 奈良学園大学人間教育学部
It has been a basic principle the development of curriculum guidelines to live force. Be achieved its goal isthat it is more important than anything.Therefore, it is necessary to address the training with an emphasis on theinner surface of.So, it was added to the discussion about the leadership with an emphasis on education for the humangrowth.Problem-solving activities are pressed forward independently by deepening students’problem consciousness.This paper clears the relationship between the process of problem solution and images or ideas. The author, moreover,introduces the constitution of the activity inspiring better ideas with specific case studies.

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