Departmental Bulletin Paper Project Based Learningを導入した授業の改善に関する一考察-パフォーマンス学の視点から-
A Study of an Improvement on a Class Introducing Project Based Learning : From the Perspective of Performance Studies

谷口, 茂謙

 This study examines how a PBL class in a Japanese college will be improved by introducing the framework of debate. In this class, the students work on a project of making a short motion picture. Initially, they are divided into several small groups and make a plan for their motion picture. After the first plan is finished, each group shows it to one another and opinions are exchanged.Although the discussion is conducted in a favorable relaxed atmosphere, the exchange does not necessarily lead to a deeper level of discourse. To improve the present situation, the introduction of the framework of debate into the class is suggested. In this way, students do not have a typical debate but talk in the debate framework. Two groups are combined, and, at first, state to each otherthat the other group’s plan is superior to their own. After that, they switch theirstandpoint and state their own plan’s superiority. This suggestion ofimprovement is based on the theory of performance studies. The expected effectof this improvement idea is considered in detail.

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