Departmental Bulletin Paper ゲームを通じて習得する英語と21 世紀型スキル-ニューヨーク市のラーニング・スペースから日本の高等教育に向けて-
Learning English and Other 21st Century Skills Through Games:Lessons for Japanese Higher Education from Learning Spaces in New York City

ハーディケン, ピーター  ,  ヨーク, ジェームス  ,  ディハーン, ジョナサン

  This paper explores progressive approaches to literacy through games as modeled by several educational institutions in the New York metropolitan area.After introducing some foundational concepts from the New Literacy Studies (NLS) tradition, the paper examines several game-based models that undergird much of what we learned about pedagogical practice in progressive settings that use digital and board games for a variety of educational purposes. Next we discuss the sites themselves and explore how games fit into different classroom,curricular, and extra-curricular contexts. In a final section, we reflect on the lessons we learned through our New York-area site visits and readings on theory and practice. Based on this, we explore the applications we see for game-based learning in our contexts in Japanese higher education.

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