Departmental Bulletin Paper ロールレタリングを用いた大学生を対象にしたキャリア教育の試み
Possibility of applying Role Lettering to Career Education in university

佐瀬, 竜一

  The purpose of this article was to discuss the possibility of Role Lettering to Career Education in university. We asked the membership in the psychological class to participate in the experiment of Role Lettering. Some people of them accepted to participate in the experiment voluntary. Finally, 98 healthy college students at same university in Japan were participated. They were inexperienced in Role Lettering. They were asked the Role Lettering to consult the distress the Career. It was discussed that the Role Lettering stimulated the quality and quantity of the writer’s Self-expression and the Role Lettering organized the feeling and distress. Finally, It was concluded that Role Lettering was suitable for applying Career Education.

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