Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学生の投動作学習を通した意識の変容 : テキストマイニングによる分析
Changes in the Awareness of Junior High School Students Through the Learning of Throwing Technique : Analysis using Text Mining

大矢, 隆二  ,  伊藤, 宏  ,  百瀬, 容美子

  This study aims to reveal changes in the awareness of junior high school students learning throwing technique in their Physical Education class. After the learning, they were asked to write an open-ended essay. The information was then analyzed using text mining. One hundred and twenty-one students participated in the analysis; the frequency of words and relations between words in their essays were identified. The word frequency test found that the most frequent words used were “step,” “weight shift,” and “consciousness.” The feature representation extraction revealed that word pairs with the highest index of relation were “consciousness” and “try hard”; “eye-level” and “raise”; and “step” and “consciousness.” Word networking found co-occurrences between “step,” “weight shift,” “shoulder” and “turn.” Using this data, it was established that students attempted throwing by snapping their wrists, shiftinweight with a smooth step (the main point of the lesson), and raising their elbows higher than their shoulders.

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