Departmental Bulletin Paper [報告]文化的構成概念としてのWIFE : Bharati MukherjeeのWifeにおける立場と地位
[Research Note]WIFE as a Cultural Construct : Place and Position in Bharati Mukherjee's Wife

小池 , 理恵

  “Wife” is generally defined as “a woman joined to a man by marriage,” and it is a term often used with adjective good, ideal or bad. “Wife” is also used with endings, as in wifeship, wifedom, wifehood, which are the state or quality of wife. So it may be said that wife is a culturally constructed concept. In this paper, a short story, Wife, by an American writer of Indo origin will be examined as the crossroads of race and gender, focusing on the passage regarding food, and Kosher law. Food related situations work effectively to illustrate wife as acultural construct.

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