Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本語複文の新たな分類の試み

史, 紀元

With the rapid development of globalization, high level talents are needed in today’s world.Consequently, many examines have made some corresponding changes.The JLPT in China nowadays is not only used to test personal ability, but also widely used whenit comes to employment, promotion, salary raise, qualifying standards and so on. In order to keep thereliability of those examines as well as design more reasonable examines, the JLPT in 2010 has graduallyturned into an examine centered in reading and listening.However, Japanese education in China still remains the old way of language education. With theinfluence of mother tongue, as well as our education laws, educational resources and other conditions,the pace of reform is unusually slow.In order to break this situation and increase the comprehension of Japanese reading, the paperattempts to classify the Japanese complex sentence. The new way breaks away from restrictions ofanalysis of ”section ”, and increased the analysis of the use of sentences in Japanese education.

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