Departmental Bulletin Paper 簡易型泳パワー測定装置の改良と計測システムの検証

森, 誠護  ,  下野, 晃  ,  尾関, 一将  ,  田場, 昭一郎

The purpose of this study is to develop a new swimming power measurement apparatus withimproved Drag Boat (DB). The name of this apparatus is Improved Drag Boat (IDB), and the measurementsystem using IDB is verified. IDB is as large as a floating kickboard. The body is made of wood, and theload can be selected from five different levels. Drag force and swimming power can be calculated bymeasuring swimming velocity.Calibration of this system was performed using a towing equipment (Active Drag System, ADS).Towing velocity was in the range of 0.4〜2.2m/s. The subjects were four male competitive swimmers.They swam 25m front crawl at maximum effort in free swimming. The speed at this time was defined asthe maximal swimming velocity (MSV). Semi-tethered swimming was performed using DB and IDB, andmaximal swimming power (MSP) was calculated.Significant linear relationship was observed between towing force and swimming velocity whenthe subjects swam towing IDB. There was no significant correlation between MSP and MSV using DB(r= 0.817, n.s).Similarly, no significant correlation was found using IDB(r = 0.930, n.s). The swimmingpower calculated using IDB and the swimming power calculated using DB was found to have a significantcorrelation (r = 0.953, p<0.01).These results suggest that the possibility of evaluating swimming power characteristics forswimmers. However, the MSP was lower than that of DB. This is considered to be a problem with thestability of IDB at towing at low speed. This indicates that further improvement is necessary.

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